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What is New with Your AeroGarden App - Nov 2018 Updates

We are happy to announce that we have made some improvements to our App, and in early December of 2018, we released a new version that includes a few App-Only capabilities, which we think you will enjoy:

Vacation Mode

Need to be away from your garden for a week? Now you can use Vacation Mode. Just press the Vacation Mode button to decrease the water usage of your garden, often doubling the time you can be away. Then, when you come back home, you can turn off Vacation Mode from your App and your AeroGarden will resume its regular schedule.

How to Set Vacation Mode:

1. From the App Menu, go to Garden Settings and select "Vacation Mode"

2. Enable Vacation Mode by clicking on its button

With Vacation Mode On your Light Schedule will be reduced to only 8 hours of light. This change slows down the metabolism of your plant. Thus consuming less water (up to 50% less) and growing at a much lower rate. Allowing you to be away from your plant for a longer period of time. When you come back home, you can turn Off Vacation Mode from your App, and your AeroGarden will resume its regular growth schedule.

Garden Log

Do you ever wished you had a better way to keep track of what is happening in your AeroGarden? Now you can! The new AeroGarden Log automatically tracks any changes to critical growth functions in your AeroGarden, plus it allows you also enter custom notes. Track: pruning, feeding, cycle changes, when you pruned, what you planted, when you added plant food, how much you harvested, and many other details of your AeroGarden grows.

How to get to your Garden Log:

1. From either Garden Settings on the App Menu, or inside Garden Status, click on "Garden Log"

2. Changes to your main Cycles: Lights, Plant Food and Pump will be automatically entered in your Log. Anything else, you can enter manually as a Personal Note. Simply click on the empty Personal Note box and start typing (if there is a Garden Note on that day already), or click on the "+" to add an extra line for your Note.

After you are done, click anywhere else outside the box and your Note will be added. You can make changes to your personal notes any time, as long as they are within the date you entered them. After midnight, your Personal Notes will become permanent.

Days Planted

Started a garden with already grown seedlings? Your cat pushed too many buttons? Now you can reset or update your garden's number of Days Planted with the push of a button.

How to change the number of Days Planted:

1. On your App from your garden's Home page, just press over the text "Days Planted" at the bottom left side

2. In the Number of Days Planted Home page, adjust the number using the up/down arrows, and click "OK"

Something to consider when you change the Number of Days Planted in your garden is that your Pump and Plant Food cycles will not be altered. If you need to update those to match the Number of Days Planted on your garden, you will have to update them separately.

We also made some requested updates to layout and information on a few other sections, as well as minor updates to functionality. We hope you enjoy these as well. Here are just a few improvements made:

If there is a Tip available, now you can read it on your garden's Home page.

You can now change the image of your AeroGarden's thumbnail from the "My Account" section

You can post your garden's favorite pictures to your preferred Social Media channels directly from the "My Pictures" section. Press and hold your finger over any of the pictures to activate, select the picture you want to share, and press the "upload" icon.