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My Ultra has a message saying I need to replace the lights. Do I need to replace the LED lights?

Ultra models are available with either:

White Fluorescent Lights (aka CFL Lights or Compact Fluorescent Lights, which are Grow Light Bulbs that fit into the sockets in the Hood)


LED Panel (LED or Light Emitting Diode Lights, which are the red, white and blue pinpoint lights in Hood)

If you choose White Fluorescent Lights as your lights type, a Replace Lights reminder will activate when the grow light bulbs have been in use for 6 months, and will prompt you to change the grow lights. Instead of ordering new grow lights, you could save money by upgrading to an energy efficient replacement LED hood. Order an LED hood by phone through customer service.

If you have an LED light model and you are getting the 'Replace Lights' message, it is likely that your Ultra has an incorrect setting to CFL lights instead of LED lights.

To Set (or Reset) Light Type:

1. Click the “Home” button

2. Click on the “Set Lights” option

3. Scroll down and select “Select Light Type”

4. Scroll down and select “Change Light Type”

The next screen should then say: “Light Type Selected: LED Panel” At this point you can click on the “Home” button two times to get back to your home screen.

Your lights are now set correctly and you should no longer receive the ‘Replace Lights’ message.

Note: Change Light Type works as a toggle between the two light types.  Each time you select Change Light Type and Press OK, the light type changes, and the chosen light type will appear at the top of the screen.  

If you choose LED Panel, the 6-month reminder will not activate.  Your LED grow lights have a life span of 2 - 5 years, about 3 years on average. There is no need to replace the LED light hood unless individual diodes begin to burn out.  There are almost 200 diodes in the Ultra panel, so if 1 or 2 diodes burn out - or even 10 or 20 diodes burn out - your garden will still be receiving plenty of light.  However, this will signal that the diodes are nearing the end of their life span and the LED hood should be replaced.  Please call customer service @ 1-800-476-9669 to order a replacement LED hood, which is not currently available on our website.