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Set Audio Alerts (for nutrient reminder)

You can set an audio alert to remind you when to add nutrients. The audio alert beeps every 15 minutes. Press 'Home' once or twice (depending upon which screen your garden is on) to get to the starting screen. Choose 'More Options' and press OK to get to Home page 2 of 2. Choose 'Set Audio Alerts' and press OK Read the text that explains the Audio Alert function, then press OK The message at the top of the next screen lets you know if Audio Alerts are turned ON or OFF. If the alerts are ON, you will be given the option to turn them OFF, and vice versa. If you choose to have the alerts ON, you also have the option to Set Audio Alert Times. This feature allows you to set a time frame during which the audio alerts can sound so they don't wake you up in the middle of the night. Alerts sound every 15 minutes. To set the time during which the alerts sound, use the arrow up/down buttons to set the Start time (when audio alerts can start to sound) and the Stop time (when audio alerts will stop beeping), then press OK. From the 'Settings Confirmed' screen, you may now press 'Home' to return to the home screen. It's that easy!