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Quick Plant Instructions

Quick Plant is the fastest and easiest way to get growing!  Your Ultra display panel will guide you through the Quick Plant set up process, but we have also provided the instructions below.  Use the direction arrows on the control panel to highlight selections and change times as needed, and use the OK button on the panel to confirm selections or move to the next screen.  It's super simple!

Quick Plant:

Press the QUICK PLANT button on the front panel.  An explanation of the QUICK PLANT function appears. Press OK to continue

CURRENT TIME is displayed.  If correct, Press OK.  SETTINGS CONFIRMED message appears. Or . . . 

To change the time, select the CHANGE TIME option. Use the up/down arrows to enter the correct time.  Remember to check the am/pm indicator!  Press OK once time is correct.  Time is displayed once again. Press OK if correct, or select CHANGE TIME and repeat steps to enter correct time.  Press OK once time is correct.  SETTINGS CONFIRMED message appears 

GARDEN TYPE - Select the type of plants you are growing (or the closest match): Herbs, Lettuce, Tomato/Pepper, Flower, Seed Starter Tray, then press OK. The lights ON hours for the garden type you have chosen appears.  Press OK.  

The time of day the lights turn ON and OFF appears. Press OK if timing is correct.  Or .  .  .

To change the times, select CHANGE ON/OFF TIME, then Press OK.  Use the arrow up/down buttons to enter the time you want the grow lights to come ON or go OFF.  You will notice that by adjusting the ON time, the OFF time will automatically adjust, and vice versa. This ensures that the grow lights are ON only for the recommended amount of hours each day. Remember to check the am/pm indicator!  Press OK when times are set.  Confirmation of the time settings will appear.  Press OK if correct, or Change On/Off Time to change again if needed.

Select the LIGHT TYPE for your AeroGarden, then Press OK after making the proper selection

White Fluorescent (Compact Fluorescent Lights or CFL Lights, which are Grow Light Bulbs that are inserted into the sockets in the Hood) 

LED Panel (LED or Light Emitting Diode Lights, which are the red, white and blue pinpoint lights in Hood)

Confirmation that clock and lights are set appears, Press OK

WATER -  follow the instructions and Press OK when done

NUTRIENTS -  follow the instructions and Press OK when done

GROW PODS - follow the instructions and Press OK when done 

At confirmation screen, Press OK to Start

After reading the explanation of the pump cycle, Press OK

Your 'dashboard' screen appears, and your AeroGarden display panel will now default to this screen 

Happy AeroGardening!