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Set Lights: ON/OFF time

How to Set the Grow Lights On/Off Time

The Grow Lights will stay ON for the number of hours that maximizes growth for each plant type, as shown below. The instructions below will allow you to set the time that the Grow Lights turn ON or go OFF, but the number of hours the lights remain on cannot be changed with this method.  If you prefer your own custom lights On/Off setting, please see instructions for Custom Settings - Grow Lights On/Off. 

Lights ON schedule

Herbs/Lettuce: 17 hrs

Tomato/Pepper: 16.5 hrs

Flower: 16 hrs

Seed Starting System: 18 hrs


Press the HOME button

Select SET LIGHTS, then Press OK

Select SET ON/OFF TIMES, then Press OK

The time of day the lights turn ON and OFF appears. Press OK if timing is correct. Or . . .

To change the times, select CHANGE ON/OFF TIME, then Press OK. Use the arrow up/down buttons to enter the time you want the grow lights to come ON or go OFF. You will notice that by adjusting the ON time, the OFF time will automatically adjust, and vice versa. This ensures that the grow lights are ON only for the recommended amount of hours each day. Remember to check the am/pm indicator! Press OK when times are set. Confirmation of the time settings will appear. Press OK if correct, or Change On/Off Time to change again if needed.

Settings Confirmed

Press the HOME button twice to return to dashboard

All done!