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Garden Status

Garden Status displays your AeroGarden's current settings in a series of 4 separate screens. Information on all of the following can be found quickly in this section: Lights (number of hrs lights are on each day as well as on/off times), Light Life remaining (for CFL grow lights), Days Planted, Audio Alerts (On or Off, and Start/Atop times for alerts), Nutrient Cycle, Pump Cycle (minutes on/off), Custom Settings (if enabled).  To access each Garden Status screen:

Press 'Home' once or twice (depending upon which screen your garden is on) to get to the Home starting screen.

Choose 'More Options' then press OK to get to Home Page 2 of 2

Choose 'Garden Status'

Page 1 of 4: 1) Pump mode: In Germination mode (first 2 weeks after planting), the pump will run for 1 hour on/11 hours off/repeat. In Full Growth mode (changes automatically after 2 weeks), the pump runs 24 hours. 2) Total Light Hours: Displays the total number of hours Grow Lights are on each day. Grow Lights On setting: Displays the time of day the Grow Lights turn on and the time they shut off.

Page 2 of 4: 1) Light Life Left: Displays the percentage of Grow Light life remaining. CFL (compact fluorescent lights) should be changed out every 6 months for best growth, and the light life timer displays a percentage of light left based on that time period. LED lights will last between 2 - 5 years, about 3 years on average. If you have LED lights and are receiving an incorrect reading on this page, it is likely that a setting was entered incorrectly during Quick Plant. See 'Set Lights' for instructions to change setting from CFL to LED. 2) Days Planted: Displays the number of days seed kit has been planted. 3) Audio Alerts: Indicates if alerts are ON or OFF. If ON, this screen will also display the start/stop time for the alerts to sound.

Page 3 of 4: 1) Nutrient Alert Cycle: 14 days 2) Pump Cycle: Minutes on/Minutes off

Page 4 of 4. 1) Displays Custom Settings, if enabled. Otherwise displays 'None Applied'