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Customize Pump Cycle

To set a custom pump cycle:

Press HOME 1 or 2 times (depending upon which screen you are on) to get to Home - 1 of 2

Choose 'More Options' and press OK

Choose 'Custom Settings' and press OK

Press OK after reading each of the 3 custom settings explanation screens.

Choose 'Pump Cycle' and press OK

Choose 'Customize Pump' and press OK

Your current pump setting will be displayed, showing the Minutes On/Minutes Off time

Choose 'Customize Settings' and press OK

Use the arrow up or down buttons to change the Minutes On/Minutes Off times, press OK

Once the settings are correct, press OK

Your new pump setting will be displayed with the Minutes On/Minutes Off and the 'Settings Correct' option will be highlighted. If you are satisfied with the settings, press OK and you will see the 'Settings Confirmed' screen. If you want to change the settings, choose 'Customize Settings' and start again.

Press Home 2 times to return to the Home screen.

Well done!