AeroGarden Customer Service & Support

Nutrients - Liquid Plant Food

Your AeroGarden plants will need nutrients (aka liquid plant food) when your seed pod kit is initially planted and every 2 weeks thereafter. The quantity of nutrient added will depend upon the size of AeroGarden you are using (3, 6, 7 or 9 pod).  There is an easy-to-use feeding guide printed on the liquid plant food packaging.  Nutrient should be added directly to the water bowl.  

The Add Nutrient reminder will activate every 14 days when it is time to feed your plants.  After adding nutrient, use the 'Reset' button to reset the nutrient timer.  This will turn off the reminder and reset the timer for the next 14 day period.  On 3-pod models the procedure to reset the nutrient timer is different, as described in your user guide.

Note: We have not provided tablet nutrients in seed pod kits since 2009.  Any kit that includes tablet nutrients is expired and the seeds and nutrients are likely no longer viable.  Seed pod kits with tablet nutrients will not be covered under our one year warranty.