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Seed Kits: Click on yours for FAQs

  Herbs Salad Greens T...


Sep 18, 2013

Does AeroGrow use GMO seeds?

AeroGrow does not use genetica...


Aug 14, 2015

How nutritious is AeroGrown produce compared to store-bought organic produce?

 There are actually more...


Aug 17, 2015

My basil is doing great but the other herbs seems slow. What's wrong?

Nothing is wrong!  Basil...

Tags: basil

Aug 20, 2015

What are your Grow Sponges (Seed Pods) made of?

Our Grow Sponges are made from...

Tags: grow sponges seed pods

Aug 26, 2015

Seed Pod Kit "Tending and Harvesting Guides"

These Seed Kit Tending and Har...

Tags: aerogarden tending and harvesting guides aerogrow garden tending and harvesting guides aerogrow plant guides

Aug 31, 2015

I think there are bugs on my plants

Plants grown in an AeroGarden...

Tags: insects sticky webs

Aug 17, 2016

Can I grow strawberries in my AeroGarden?

Strawberries are easiest to gr...

Tags: growing strawberries strawberry guide strawberry manual

Aug 18, 2016

Are Seed Pod Kits guaranteed?

We guarantee germination of an...


Aug 18, 2016

Why are my salad greens pale and spindly?

Lettuce is known as a "cool se...


Aug 26, 2016