AeroGarden Customer Service & Support - MISCELLANEOUS PLANT AND SEED KIT INFORMATION - Can I transplant my AeroGarden plants outside?
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Can I transplant my AeroGarden plants outside?

Yes, you can transplant your AeroGarden plants outside! But before transplanting, seedlings need to be hardened off. Skipping this step will almost certainly result in some or all of your plants dying! Hardening off seedlings eases their transition from the AeroGarden to the outdoors, where they will be exposed to full sunlight, temperature variations and wind.

1. Remove the Bowl with seedlings from the Base and place it outside in a shady location for a few hours each day, gradually increasing to 24 hours outside. This should take about a week. Too much direct sun will kill your seedlings.

2. Bring the Bowl inside if weather turns bad or temperature is below 45°F (7.2°C). 

3. Return the Bowl to the AeroGarden Base when you bring the Bowl inside.

4. If your seedlings get too large before weather will allow transplanting outdoors, transplant into small pots in a high quality potting mix such as Miracle-Gro.  Keep them fully watered in a sunny space until weather permits transplanting outdoors.

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