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It's a Harvest Party - Salad Greens

The only thing better than fre...

Tags: harvest lettuce salad greens

Jan 24, 2019

How to Prune Your Favorite Herbs

In the videos below, we show y...

Tags: pruning

Jan 25, 2019

Cut Back to Grow More

Just like getting a haircut, p...

Tags: herbs peppers pruning tomatoes

Jan 25, 2019

Be the Bee - Pollinate & Grow Happy

Many plants, including tomatoe...

Tags: be the bee pollination

Jan 25, 2019

Tips for Tending to Lettuce

Lettuce is one of the fastest...

Tags: lettuce tending

Jan 31, 2019

Indoor Gardening 101: Plant Food is Love

Nutrition is Criti...

Tags: indoor gardening plant food

Feb 2, 2019

Indoor Gardening 101: Water, Water, Everywhere!

Who Needs Soil Whe...

Tags: hydroponic indoor gardening water

Feb 2, 2019

Indoor Gardening 101: Endless Possibilities

You Really Can Gro...

Tags: indoor gardening seeds

Feb 2, 2019

Indoor Gardening 101: Indoors to Outdoors

Plant Indoors for...

Tags: indoor gardening seed starting

Feb 4, 2019

Indoor Gardening 101: Finding the Light

The Right Light for In...

Tags: indoor gardening light

Feb 5, 2019