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Seed Pod Kits and Planting Instructions

How to Use AeroGarden Liquid Nutrients

Seed Pod Kit Instructions (How to Plant Your Garden)

Seed Pod Kit Instructions (4 Language - EU)

Seed Pod Kit Instructions (French - Canada)

Grow Anything Kit Instructions

Grow Anything Kit Instructions (4 Language - EU)

Salad/Lettuce Kit - Tending & Harvesting 

Herb Kit - Tending & Harvesting 

Vegetable Kit - Tending & Harvesting (Cherry tomatoes,Chili Peppers)

Flower Kit - Tending & Harvesting 

Mega Cherry/Sweet Bell Pepper Kit - Tending & Harvesting* (for Tall AeroGarden Models with 24" of grow height)

 *Mega Cherry/Sweet Bell Pepper guides refer to tablet nutrients.  Disregard the reference to tablet nutrients and follow the feeding instructions on the liquid plant food packaging.