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About CFL Grow Lights (Compact Fluorescent Lights)

Part of the magic of the AeroGarden is that its CFL Grow Lights have been engineered to provide the optimal intensity and spectrum for the very high light requirements of outdoor plants such as tomatoes, herbs, lettuce and flowers. As those who have tried to grow herbs, annual flowers or tomatoes indoors will have experienced, ordinary bulbs do not work well.

AeroGarden CFL Grow Lights are high-intensity compact fluorescents of a unique spectrum, and they are not interchangeable with other bulbs. Like all compact fluorescents bulbs, however, intensity degrades over time.  To maintain the full spectrum of light at the high levels required for vigorous plant growth and fruit and flower production, we recommend replacing your Grow Lights every six months.
 Replace my CFL Grow Lights every 6 months? Really? 

Plants love light.  That sounds simple, but light quality and quantity both become more critical when growing indoors. 

We've perfected AeroGarden CFL Grow Lights through almost a decade of testing in real-life situations.  We measured results from thousands of plants to scientifically balance the spectrum of light delivered for both the vegetative (leafing) and fruiting (blossoming) stages of growth.  No other CFL Grow Light we've tested does so much, so well.

But, like all CFL Grow Lights, ours lose intensity over time.  After six months of use, your lights might look unchanged to you, but your plants will know the difference.  They'll grow more slowly.  Yields might drop. Then the plants will look yellow and spindly. These changes are gradual, but noticeable if you know what to look for.  

The integrity of the CFL Grow Lights is especially important for fruiting plants, such as tomatoes and peppers. These plants require even more light than herbs, salads and flowers in order to produce fruit. 

AeroGarden CFL Grow Lights are guaranteed for six months. If they should malfunction within that time, please call AeroGrow Customer Service at 1-800-476-9669.

If you are waiting for a replacement grow light to arrive, we recommend that you switch the working grow light to the opposite side of the hood every other day or so.  This ensures that your plants will receive even light as they grow. Always unplug your AeroGarden before removing or replacing a Grow Light.

Burnt-out CFL Grow Lights can be recycled for free at any Home Depot store (as can any compact fluorescent bulb). Your local recycling center can provide more information about where to recycle CFLs.