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AeroGarden Sprout/Sprout Plus LED Troubleshooting and Information

Reset Nutrient Timer

When light is on, press and hold the yellow LIGHT button until red nutrient light starts to flash. Then, release the button. The nutrient light should go out and reappear in 14 days.

Reset Light Timer

When you want the lights to turn on, unplug and re-plug the AeroGarden. It will now stay on for about 16 hours and be off for 8 hours. 

Did the Sprout or Sprout Plus LED stop bubbling/aerating?

If the base is vibrating but there are no bubbles in the water, this is a sign the aerator (long white stem in front) is clogged. A high-pitched whistling or chirping noise may also occur because of clogging. Follow these instructions on how to unclog the aerator. If the base is not vibrating, please contact customer service.

(Note: If your AeroGarden has a small dome or cap instead of a long white stem in the front of the water bowl, you have the AeroGarden 3SL. Click here for troubleshooting information.)

1. Remove the Grow Deck with plants from garden.

2. Remove the Bowl from the Base and remove gate from the Bowl.

3. Empty and dry Water Bowl.

4. Unscrew the Aerator by turning it counterclockwise.  If it’s too tight, use pliers at the bottom (fat part) to loosen it up.

5. Clean aerator following these instructions:

5.1. Disassemble the Aerator by removing rubber O-ring washer (may need pen or screwdriver) and remove the Internal Tube.

5.2. Rinse in warm tap water

5.3. Insert needle through the Aerator holes to remove nutrient build up.

5.4. Reassemble the Aerator parts.

6. Insert Aerator into the Bowl and twist clockwise into place.

7. Use pliers if needed to tighten into place.

8. Make sure holes ends up facing forward, toward the View Window.

9. Place Bowl back unto base, add water to bowl and place deck with plants back on.

If your AeroGarden still does not bubble after cleaning, please contact customer service.