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AeroGarden Customer Service & Support

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AeroGarden vs Dirt

Without getting too 'geeked out'



Can I upgrade my CFL (Compact fluorescent light) model with LED lights?

As a general rule, if your AeroGarden

Tags: cfl compact fluorescent led light lights


Water Pump vs Aerator/Airstone Technology

Some AeroGardens are manufactured

Tags: aerator airstone best practice best results bounty bounty elite bubbler care cfl cleaning elite farm farm plus fresh harvest healthy plants herbie led maintenance oxogen plant care pump pump? roots sprout system technology touch water pump


How to Test & Adjust - Pump, Aerator/Airstone Cycles

Learn how to customize and troubleshoot

Tags: adjust aerator airstone customize cycle guide how it works how long does instructions manual planting pump pump cycle settings setup technology test test pump user


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