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How much energy does the AeroGarden use?

To calculate how much energy an AeroGarden uses, we use the following formula:

  • The number of hours each day that your AeroGarden is on (based on type of garden planted and AeroGarden type itself), multiplied by
  • The wattage figure given above for your model AeroGarden (divided by 1000 to convert it to kilowatts, as used by the electric company), multiplied by
  • 31 days a  month, multiplied by
  • The cost per kilowatt hour charged by your utility (in this case $.11 cents kw/hour)

For example, in a cubicle in one of our office at AeroGrow we are growing Gourmet Herbs (on 17 hours a day) in an AeroGarden Bounty (which uses 48 watts, or 0.048 kilowatts, of power).  This AeroGarden is on for 31 days a month, at an average utility rate of approximately $0.11 per kilowatt hour of electricity. 

AeroGarden Model

Wattage Used (Average)

Cost to Run Per Month at 11¢ Per kw/hour

AeroGarden Farm

126 watts

$7.30 per month

AeroGarden Bounty

48 watts

$2.78 per month

AeroGarden Harvest

23 watts

$1.33 per month

AeroGarden Sprout

13 watts

$0.75 per month