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My "Water Level Low" light never stops blinking, or never comes on no matter what I do

Your AeroGarden senses when the bowl is low on water by means of a small float inside the “Fill to Here” tube that magnetically trips a sensor in the base when the water is low.  If roots get inside the tube, the float may become immobilized at the lowest position, keeping the sensor open and the light flashing. Or it may become suspended in the tube, preventing the Add Water notification from activating even when the water is low. To fix this:

6-pod, 7-pod, and 9-Pod AeroGardens (except Space-Saver 6 and AeroGarden 6 triangular models)
  • Remove the grow deck from the top of the water bowl.
  • Unscrew the “Fill to Here” tube inside the bowl by giving it a quarter turn counter-clockwise.      
  • After the tube is out, look to see if the float (a small whitish cylinder) is in the water bowl or stuck in the tube.  
  • Rinse the tube to clear it of roots.        
  • Sometimes a cracked seam on the float would allow it to fill with water and it would sink to the bottom of the bowl.  To check for water in the float, hold it up to a light; if you see water inside, contact Customer Service.
  • Replace the float in the tube (narrow end facing down).
  • Push the float down so it touches the bottom of the bowl. The Add Water light should now activate. Release it to allow it to float in the water.
  • Replace the tube in the bowl.


If the “Water Level Low” light continues to blink after you have performed the troubleshooting steps, call Customer Service for assistance.