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AeroGarden Classic 7 Information and Troubleshooting - Water Pump Technology

On this page we offer help on the most common problems or questions we hear from our customers.  Hopefully, you will find what you need here, but remember that you are always welcome to call Customer Service at 800-476-9669. 

AeroGarden 7 fact sheets
Specifications and essential information about how each model "works" 

Do you no longer hear water moving in your AeroGarden?
The water pump has stopped working.  Here are the basic troubleshooting steps for restoring it.

How to clean or install an AeroGarden 7 water pump (video)
Easy tasks, made easier by watching this video. 

How to change an AeroGarden 7 water pump (pdf) 

Has your Aerogarden 7 become noisy?   

The new seed pods don't fit in my AeroGarden 7

How to sanitize the AeroGarden 7 between seed kits
Your new plants will grow better in a clean AeroGarden!

How to clean the AeroGarden water pump electrical contacts
If your water pump has stopped working, this may be all you need to know to restore it.

My AeroGarden lights and/or pump are not cycling as they should, possibly after a power outage  

My AeroGarden 's "Water Level Low" light won't quit blinking no matter what I do. 

My AeroGarden  "Water Level Low" light comes on every time the "Add Nutrient" light comes on.    

AeroGarden 7 light and water pump cycles 

My AeroGarden pump filter seems to be missing. 

My AeroGarden pump works but water is barely trickling from the grow deck holes.