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How to create your own light/pump cycle, and how to override the light cycle

How to create your own pr...

Tags: overriding the aerogarden setting aerogarden cycles

May 23, 2013

AeroGarden 7: Read this first!

Although all AeroGarden Classi...


Sep 11, 2013

AeroGarden 7 Classic Quick Start Guide

Does your AeroGarden Classic 7...


Sep 12, 2013

AeroGarden Classic 7 Information and Troubleshooting

AeroGardens with Water Pump A...


Sep 12, 2013

AeroGarden 7 LED: My “Replace Lights” indicator is blinking. Do I need to replace the LED lights?

No, you do not to replace the...


Jan 3, 2018

How to Clean or Change Your Water Pump - video

Click here to watch a video...

Tags: aerator aerogarden cleaning airstone cleaning pump sanitize test pump video

Apr 20, 2018

The pump is not working in my AeroGarden

There are several AeroGarden m...


Jun 5, 2018