AeroGarden AeroFelt Media for Bounty Microgreens Kit, 10-pack

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Use AeroFelt Media to grow fresh microgreens in your Bounty model AeroGardens.


Grow delicious and nutritious microgreens with AeroGarden™ AeroFelt! AeroFelt works with the AeroGarden® MicroGreens Kit for Bounty model AeroGardens®, and is perfect to use for quick and easy sprouting. Just place the AeroFelt in your MicroGreens Kit (sold separately) and sprinkle the seeds on top. Your Bounty will do the rest with its auto-watering and LED grow light features. AeroGarden™ AeroFelt is super easy to cleanup. Ten pieces of AeroFelt are included in a pack, so you will have plenty of opportunities to get growing. Always fresh, always local, and always in season!

More Information

More Information
Retail Price $14.95
  • Media to use when growing microgreens with your AeroGarden® MicroGreens Kit for Bounty models
  • Place the AeroFelt in your Aerogarden® MicroGreens Kit and sprinkle the seeds on top - your indoor garden will do the rest
  • Works with all microgreen seed varieties
  • AeroFelt allows seeds to sprout easily and quickly
  • Designed for use in AeroGarden® Bounty Smart Indoor Gardens
What's Included
  • 10 AeroGarden AeroFelt Media replacements
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