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Soft Tie for Plants

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Support your tall, fruit-bearing plants. (more...)


Gently support taller plants with Soft Ties. These Soft Ties ties act like a trellis system in your AeroGarden.  They are soft on stems, but strong on the job! The flexible wire is covered with a soft rubber exterior that can be shaped and reshaped again and again. Cuts easily with scissors. 25 ft.

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Customer Reviews

Review by Dot
We wanted a more attractive way to grow heirloom tomatoes. We used the soft ties and bamboo poles to construct a trellis (used with earth boxes) that is not only functional, but looks good too. Extra lengths of ties are used to help keep our heavy heirloom varieties upright, away from pests, and easy to harvest. It looks like we'll have an exceptional yield this year. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by benurbud
its easy to use and gentle on plants and is a good design (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Kelly
I'm more of a flower grower than a veggie grower but these are very handy none the less. I use them to support any flowers or plants with a tendency to lean or wilt over, or those with large blooms......just like in an outdoor garden. Nice product! Thanks Aerogarden (Posted over a month ago)
Review by MeMe
Looking forward to my tomatoes being tall enough to use these. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Aeroed
I use the soft-tie on my ruby heirloom tomatoes and it works great. You cut it to the desired length and secure it like a twist-tie. It essentially is just that - a giant, green, cushioned twist-tie. It holds plants securely and can be reused. A good buy for tomato growers. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Green in Winter
The ties provide added support for beans and tomatoes - the supports sent witht the bean seed kit are very difficult to use - these are easier. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Florida Aero Grower
I shape the wire as a support stand and use a soft ribbon to utilize the stand to support my tomato plants. So far so good. I felt that it was the best way to use the wire without wasting much of it. The "stand" can be re-used on future plantings. Very happy with the product. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by pfaquilt
My tomato plants were drooping - they got so heavy they wanted to lay down. These ties support the plants. The soft covering doesn't hurt the plant. The whole garden looks so much nicer with the support and my tomatos are growing well again. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Grandma Gott
I am growing baby greens and tomatoes in my 2 gardens. My tomatoes are really producing. I planted the tomato garden on the 31st of July. The yellow plant has at least 15 tomatoe on it and the red ones are just starting to bloom. I am hoping for them to get ripe so I acn use them in salads with the baby greens. I plan flowers and Herbs next. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by vhfvhf
Much better than string because they cushion the stems without damage. Very flexible and easy to cut to length. The green color really hides them so not to detract from all the beautiful fruit. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Rob
This tie is soft on stems yet firm on support. It works very well on fruit bearing vegetables. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Sumowiz
I would suggest buying quantity 2 of these. That way freight is prepaid, and you have planty of this product that goes faster then you may think. I know I found myself using this quite a lot on all my plants. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by AeroGardener
The soft ties are excellent for supporting taller plants. They can be cut to any length and are reusable. The soft padding helps protect plant stems while adding support. (Posted over a month ago)

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