AeroGarden Grow Bowl and Strawberries Hydroponic System
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AeroGarden Grow Bowl and Strawberry Kit for All Ultra and Bounty AeroGardens

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Quick Overview:

The AeroGarden Grow Bowl creates an advanced hydroponic system that allows easy transplant of live plants and root stock into your AeroGarden Bounty Elite. (more...)


The AeroGarden Grow Bowl is a growing technology that dramatically expands the types of plants that can be grown in your AeroGarden Ultra, Bounty, and  Bounty Elite model gardens. The Grow Bowl creates an advanced hydroponic system that allows easy transplant of live plants and root stock into your AeroGarden.

Plants thrive under the AeroGarden's high powered Grow Lights and extendable lamp arm, with the same automatic watering, easy-feeding and on-board controls that make AeroGardens so easy.

Please Note: Strawberry plants are a seasonal item and are typically available from October through June. Strawberry plants are shipped live and must be planted within a few days of arrival. Please plan your purchase accordingly.


  • Complete bundle comes with Chunk Coco Grow Media, Grow Bowl, strawberry crowns, detailed instructions
  • Easy-to-set up, easy to plant in minutes, no tools needed
  • Grows strawberries, orchids, bonsai, dwarf fruit trees, miniature roses and much, much more
  • Fits easily in Ultra, Bounty, and Bounty Elite gardens
  • Fun and interesting way to expand the possibilities in your AeroGarden
  • Works with variety of media – coconut fiber, aquarium gravel, hydroton, and more


  • GrowBowl and parts for easy assembly
  • Chunk Coco Grow Media
  • Detailed instructions for Strawberries and suggestions for other types of plants
  • One season AeroGarden Liquid Nutrients
  • 10 live strawberry crowns ready for immediate planting

Works in Ultra, Bounty, and Bounty Elite AeroGardens. Requires one of these AeroGardens (not included).

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Customer Reviews

Review by Jon
I tried a couple times to grow the strawberries, but at best they would try to grow for a week, then die. I even vinegar cleaned everything, including the pumps, and then filled it with water that had gone through a new Britta water filter, and no go. Aerogarden was very helpful, and would keep sending me free strawberries, but no luck, so I gave up on it. The strawberries never actually grew any roots, so it was probably what ever nutrients were in what I planted, and when that ran out it died. I though didn't know about the vertical post, though mine didn't make it long enough for the second watering, was just had been done when it was initially setup. (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
I am sorry to hear the strawberries never took off. If you are interested in more tips and trying again, please let us know. We always want to help customers see success and will work with you however we can.
Review by Kendra
I bought this and was really hoping we would be able to grow strawberries. I was really worried when the plants first arrived, as they looked very scrawny and practically dead. I followed all the instructions for planting and was very happy to see them start greening up, and then grow quite well. I thinned them down to the 5 best plants, and soon we started getting flowers. The kids and I made sure that we pollinated the flowers but we never got any "real" strawberries, nothing bigger than a small blueberry size strawberry and they were not even remotely edible. I called and talked to customer service and they gave me some suggestions that I tried, and we got new growth, and more greening, but still no actual strawberries. It is unfortunate because the AeroGarden is really cool and we have had really good luck with the herb garden, minus the chives. I WOULD NOT recommend you spend $40 on the strawberry grow bowl. Waste of time and money. (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Strawberries are a fun and challenging plant, and I am sorry that you were not happy with the first round of harvest. The first set of strawberries are smaller and less full of flavor because the plants are not fully mature. As the plant matures and the next couple batches grow the strawberries will get larger and have more flavor. These are a mini strawberry seed so they stay fitting in the bowl, but will get about the size of a nickle when mature.
Review by Stephanie
I just planted these yesterday in a large fishbowl with the Coco Growth Medium!!! They're already Green!!! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Katrina
I followed the directions, and my first round of strawberry crowns all died--they didn't like getting their roots wet too often. And while I had the pump set to 2 on 9999 off, it was watering way too often. So, after the first set of strawberries all died, I called customer service. It turned out that I needed to remove the little gizmo which monitors the water level--the vertical post which says "FILL TO HERE". My tests over the next week showed it to be working correctly, so when Aerogarden sent me a replacement set of strawberries, I was able to plant with confidence. It has been 2 weeks now, and each strawberry has about 4 or 5 leaves. I hate having to cut off the strawberry flowers, but in another week or two, the plants will be large enough to support the growth of flowers and berries. Looking forward to my first crop. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Lorelle
You gotta be patient with these. My "guaranteed Christmas delivery" didn't arrive til a week into January. I didn't see signs of life get up to six plants (of the 10) until 16 days after I planted them. But they are coming along now. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Kip
One strawberry, smaller than wild and no taste. Planted the thinned plantain a pot ant they grew better...still nothing. (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
We're sorry that you didn't get better growth. The strawberries have specific needs in the Grow Bowl and we will be happy to talk with you about the growing environment. We can also send some more strawberry crowns if needed so you can try again. Call customer service at 1-800-476-9669 and one of our friendly reps will be happy to help!
Review by MonCher
I ordered this bowl for my Bounty Aero Garden. After ordering (& the bowl was in transit) I was scouring over the website, because I'm new to Aero Garden, it was then I noticed this bowl was listed for the Bounty ELITE (Posted over a month ago)

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