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Seed Starting System Refill Pack

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Reuse your AeroGarden Seed Starting System with this handy refill pack. (more...)


Reuse your AeroGarden Seed Starting System with this handy refill pack. The refill pack includes 70 biodegradable Grow Sponges and a 3 oz bottle of our patented, specially formulated Liquid Nutrients. AeroGarden Grow Sponges are made from pure Canadian Sphagnum Peat and provide soil-free, no-mess, indoor growing all year round. Our Liquid Nutrients provide better germination and growth. Use this refill pack to ensure reliable germination and healthy root development.Works with all AeroGarden seed starting trays.

Seed Starting System Refill Pack Includes:
-70 AeroGarden Grow Sponges

-3oz bottle of Liquid Nutrients

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Customer Reviews

Review by Harriet
Just purchased them for using in regular AeroGardens. Better value than GROW SPONGES – 50 PACK. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by STEPHEN
Docs in bag says it comes with 75 plugs, it has 70 in bag. Online also, correctly indicated 70. Love this system! Does not work on all seeds but great on most.
(Posted over a month ago)
Review by Cherie
I do love starting my own seeds for my outside garden. Before my Aerogardens, I purchased plants from the local nurseries. Now I can grow many different varieties instead of being at the mercy of whatever the nursery sells.

The reason I didn't give 5 stars is there seems to be no quality control involved with the sponges. Some of them almost reach the top of the hole in the seed starter tray & then about a third of them are too short. Sometimes I cut about a half inch off of a sponge and put it in the bottom of the hole so the short sponges will be closer to the top of the hole. The sponges aren't exactly cheap so I wish they were all the same size. I could understand a few of them being short but not one third of the package. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Bootsiegal
These little inserts made my vegetable garden so sinple to get started. It requires minimal effort to pop in the little grow plugs, add the seeds, and watch them grow. It was a breeze. When the vegetables were large enough to transplant, I just popped them out and planted them in my outdoor growing pots. My garden is flurishing. Also, there was minimal mess to clean up. Its never been easier. I will use these from now on. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by herb master fresh
These grow sponges are ideal for making sure that your seed gets rooted and on its way. I've used them successfully both in my aerogarden, of course, and soil; just to experiment. The only downside is the price. I appreciate that they include extra nutes, but 100 sponges rather then 75 would be that much more bang for your buck. Either way, it's a great buy! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Kate, avid gardener
I was so disappointed that the Refill Packs were out of stock this spring/summer and I couldn't use them for this year's crop. Last year I planted vegetable seeds in the usual way in March and then got the Garden Starter Tray in late April. My plants were larger & more robust in the Garden Starter Tray then the plants I had started over a month earlier in the traditional way. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Lexi "let's see if this will grow" G
This is the 2nd year of using the trays. I have 2 trays, I use 1 for flowers & 1 for veggies. I love being able to start plants that I cannot find around here. I had tried starting seeds using other methods and it never worked. This makes it so much easier. The only problem, I get so excited to start the seeds, the plants are full grown before planting time! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Marge Ex.
For the last few years, every spring I had to buy all my plants for the vegetable garden. I prefered to grow my own plants but had no room in my new house to do it. I discovered aerogardens garden starter tray. I had my doubts about how good the plants would be. Well, now I have no more doubt. Everything I planted grew beautifully. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Dee
I purchased the Garden Starter Tray's for both my AG6's & 2 extra Garden Starter Tray Refill Packs to start my own plants from seeds. I now have a garden full of vegetable plants and flower beds full of flowers that would have cost me a small fortune if I had bought the plants separately. The seeds also started sprouting in about 2 to 5 days, about half the time stated on the seed packets. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Joyce
I collect seeds all year long. There is enough sponges to experiment with my "collection" (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Hope
I just ordered my second kit. The setup is so compact and self contained that now I start all of my seeds like this. It takes so little time to plant that I no longer get started late. By the time I'm getting in the mood to garden, my seeds have sprouted and are ready to go. Large plants like tomatoes and beans, I move to pots where they get big and bushy by planting time due to the robust root systems acquired in the Aerogarden. More difficult slower growers always used to be tricky, getting moldy or too dry in peat pots or flats. I'd lose some plants due to root damage during transplanting which the grow sponges virtually eliminate. Now I leave it to my Aerogarden to get my seeds off to a good start. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by D and L Produce
Though the refill kit is pricey, it is a must have if you purchase the starter kit. Seeds are ready to transplant in 10 - 14 days and you can plant again to keep a perpetual garden going. We have a 2400 sf area and are constantly starting seeds during the long growing season in Phoenix. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by GARY the GROWER
I cannot believe how much money I now save, I start all my flowers and vegatables in aerogrow "STARTER TRAYS" Ive Saved so much,that I know own Three aerogardens.All my neighbors rave about all my flowers and veggies.And I love bragging how I start EVERETHING FROM SEED !! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Joyful in PA
I love gardening and the garden starter kit makes it more fun and makes the process easier (Posted over a month ago)
Review by mary
The empty pod idea is a good one. But I had problems with some of the seeds germinating..,any suggestions? Are youy suppose to wet the seeds or the pods first? (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Gail Growing Tips
Makes my heated trays obsolete. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Little Bit
This is a wonderful option for starting seedlings indoors while it's still cold outside! I am so excited to be able to garden during the winters in Chicago. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by The Mighty Gwynn
Just for kicks I re-used a pre-packed pod, and placed a cantalope seed inside. To my shock, it sprouted, and flourished! I bought these, and I save 1 or 2 spots for regular seeds for starts come spring! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by bluesky_cyclist
We started growing our pepper plants in these plugs in May as a last resort for the garden and by the time we put them out in June the plants were 6" tall and we had missed the hail storms. Our pepper plants this year were 2' to 3' tall and produced the most peppers we ever had. We were sold. To make transplanting easy I purchased a garden drill bit auger at the hardware store and with my cordless drill was able to plant the seedlings very quickly because of the plug size. P.S. We rinsed our seeds in a weak solution of bleach and water to kill off any fungus / disease before we placed them in the plugs. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by westmo
I absolutely love this product. I have started all the plants for my garden and my sisters.. We only had a few that needed replanting. They transfered to the garden easily. This year I plan to start all of my flowers as well. Definitely a money saver. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Judith
The reason that I like this product over other similiar products is because they arrive dry so that you don't have to worry about sanitizing them with clorox. They also are easy to cut to fit into the 7 pod gardens. The pods are good quality and parts of it do not come off into your garden. I highly recommend this product. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by farmer jon
The biggest/ major issue is "damping off" fungus virtually every time I have used these... I have found that applying Sevin to seeds and plugs makes a huge difference when applied prior to planting and during growth cycle. Also sterilize your trays every time you reuse them I reccommend these because there are no other options (Posted over a month ago)
Review by judybug
I like that you can refill the product and not throw the base away. it is so easy and not a mess to grow what you want. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by susieQ
I love being able to grow my own seeds with Aerogardens help! It's great to be able to grow my seeds that I save from year to year! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by graycyn
Super for starting seedlings in the Garden Starter Tray. I managed a fall garden with no time to spare. Using the refills in the Garden Starter Tray, I raised seedlings extremely quickly and was able to get them outside even without hardening. Now I'm still harvesting greens in northeastern OR in November after a number of freezing nights! I protect my plants with row covers. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by vhfvhf
There does come a time to renew your Aero Garden. This is easy and quick to get back to growing great veggies! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Bertie3
Having traveled extensively and growing a garden whoever I have been (50 years), I was very skeptical about the growing abilities of the Aero garden from seed..I experimented, and with patience (I am fussy),learned how to probagate,harden off and transplant young plants at at cost which is unbelievable via store bought plants that have come out of a greenhouses,looks pretty but may have come from God knows where! (I am talking about replanting due to the Stress of replanting) The Aero developes a great root system, stems are sturdy and replanting to a soil container to harden them off is very easy but do it in stages (amount of time outdoors is very important) The only things that are not so great may be you rushing the whole procedure. Don't trust the feeder/water alarm as this will depend on the size of your plants! I check the water ever two days after initial growth has begun. By the way, my nearest garden center is 60 miles away, so I double save in time and gas. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Devilboy
I agree with "Needs Improvements" review. It needs some work but it is very useful the way it is now. First, the sponges should be soaked in water 15 minutes before you put them, in the tray. When you put them in dry they tend to slide down to the bottom of the hole. The second thing applies to the roots getting tangled. That could be fixed by tubes underneath the tray. Then if they get tangled you could just cut around the tubes and then pull out the plugs. If the plants are well rooted in the plug, pruning to seperate them wouldn't hurt them at all. In fact, it would probably stimulate them more when transplanting. Although I have alot of ideas to better these systems if i'm not getting paid for them, I must keep them to myself! I'm very happy with the resuts i've had so far. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Star Design Lady
I am disabled with COPD and can't dig holes very well or take care of starting plants without the AeroGarden. The seeds sprouted so quickly. I enjoyed watching them grow until I decided to put a piece of a tomato plant in it to try to grow another one. I didn't realize that I brought bugs in with it. That was the beginning of the end of those pants. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by chicory
My little sister, who lives in South Dakota, cannot sing enough praises about Aerogarden and its results. Her being a homebound disabled chef this is one of her lifes better moments. Still creating great meals for her family. This was the best and the right x-mas present I could have gotten her. thank-you Aerogarden.... (Posted over a month ago)
Review by vintagejacki
I am new to the aerogarden and have just started experimenting, I have had a thrill watching my tomatoes grow, only to keel over from the weight of the plant, but they still wanted to thrive. I planted lettuce from my own seeds that I gathered from last years outdoor garden, but best of all, I started peas in the garden starter, I used only one seed per plug as the plugs were so small for the seed, and 75% grew, and could not believe how quickly they grew, I transplanted them outdoors in Nov. here in california, ( without hardening off) and they are doing so well, finally after all these years I can relax and grow peas without having to go out every night with a flash light to kill off those nasty critters eating all my new little sprouts... . (Posted over a month ago)
Review by GardenMuse
I will be buying this at least once a year going forward. I've been trying to start my own seedlings for years with no success. This spring, I started both my spring and summer vegetables with the seed starting insert and these plugs. Be careful not to plant too soon, because plants grow faster in the Aerogarden and my tomatoes were ready before the last frost. I didn't have any problem with roots not coming out smoothly, and the plants transplanted well. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Grower Chip
I use the starter refills to plant all my small seeded herbs and vegetables. For a single vegetable plant the expense is higher than I like (about 20 cents/sponge) but I can reduce the cost per plant by using multiplant strategies for all the seeds that fit and grow well crowded together (e.g. broccoli and turnips - 4 plants/sponge; cabbage - 3 plants/sponge; onion - 5 plants/sponge). If there were 1 inch diameter sponges available I would buy those for larger seeds like peas, corn, and cucumbers. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Garden Woman
I love the garden starter! Last year I tried it for the first time and was able to grow 70 starter peppers in a very small space w/no messy dirt or fussing with light heights. The year before we grew few plants yet in much more space in the garage! I also found that instead of spindly, weak sprouts, I got hardy plants with more leaves right away. I'm hooked! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by the cook
this is a great way to start what ever you like to grow! You can transfer outside at any time or keep it where it is! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Postage Stamp Garden
I started this year’s garden in a grow room in my basement with moderate success. I picked up the starter kit for a last ditch effort to start my garden from seed. I planted a mix of herb, veggies, and flowers. Most of the 70 pods sprouted in a fraction of the time it took for same seeds to grow in soil in my basement, so I was able to fill out my garden with out having to purchase plants. I plan to pick up the replacement pods kits so I can have fresh herbs all winter. Then I will start next year’s garden with what I’m expecting to be a great success. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Ray Hort
These starters are very clean to use and are easy to transplant. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Anne
I ordered the refill pack because the garden starter kit was such a success! I'm on my second batch of perennials since the first was such a success. My garden has never looked better because of the plants I grew with this product. I was able to give my daughter and mom several plants for their garden. Give this product a try, you will really love the choices and results you will get from growing your own! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Chuck
The product was easy to set up and start. Growth is slower than the regular Aero garden pods but faster than soil. The few problems I encountered was that if left too long (more than three weeks) in the kit the roots tangle and get damaged. Another problem was trying not to damaged the roots while trying to get the pods out of the tray. I had a few plants die cause of tangled roots or damaged roots. I would suggest making a tool that can be used for untangling the roots and for pushing out the pods from the tray. Plants that were not damaged were planted outside and did well after transplanting. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Marya in Dayton
This is the best way to start your outdoor garden. I did not buy any trays of flowers this year and it was quite a savings. My yard looks beautiful with an array of different flowering plants. The sunflowers I started in the house are beautiful too. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Idamom
I bought 2 of these kits to expand the Aerogarden spring planting capabilities. The first one, I used for hot pepper plants. In less than 5 weeks, they were getting little buds! Talk about impressive growth, I was just so darn proud of those peppers. Unfortunately, 3 days after I transplanted them to my outdoor garden, the deer had a nice dinner, and I lost all but 20 plants! The 2nd tray I used for wavy petunia seeds, and was shocked when they sprouted after just 4 days! If you've ever tried growing petunias from seed, you know how frustrating they can be. This was a piece of cake! I have 8 gorgeous hanging baskets now, transplanted after just 6 weeks, and it couldn't have been easier. I'm buying again next year! (Posted over a month ago)

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