ULTRA 100 Reasons
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Over 100 Improvements
Revolutionizing Indoor Gardening...
Introducing the all new AeroGarden Ultra

    Faster, Better Growth and Bigger Yields (21 Reasons)

  1. Lights adjust taller for bigger plants
  2. Improved MaxGrow Grow Bulbs deliver greater lumens in spectrum needed for plant growth
  3. Grow light range increased – more growing space in the garden!
  4. Improved grow light placement delivers better light spread
  5. Brushed aluminum reflector increases lumens to plants
  6. Bigger bowl for increased root space for larger plants
  7. Better water to nutrient ratio for improved growth
  8. Improved nutrient distribution system
  9. Greatly improved oxygenation of nutrient solution
  10. Lights adjust closer to young plants, delivers 200% more light and improving early growth
  11. Closer lights keep seedlings warmer for improved germination
  12. Finite lamp arm adjustments keep lights closer to plants at every stage of growth
  13. Improved trellis allows bigger, more robust plants
  14. Adjustable trellis improves plant support
  15. New trellis adjusts with your plants
  16. New trellis allows stand alone support or tying in with trellis coils, twine etc.
  17. Garden select maximizes growth for different plant types
  18. New settings for garden starter system improves seedling growth
  19. Germination Mode increases germination rates for most seeds
  20. High Growth Mode increase oxygen and nutrient flow for maximum growth
  21. Seed pods don’t “pinch” in the corner holes, increases germination and growth

    A Truly Smart Garden (26 Reasons)

  22. MyGarden control panel makes gardening easier and more customizable than ever
  23. Easy to navigate control panel
  24. Improved visual add water alerts
  25. Easy “QuickPlant” settings or complete customizability of all critical garden functions
  26. Ability to “snooze” water alert if it’s not immediately convenient
  27. Improved visual add nutrient alerts
  28. Ability to “snooze” nutrient alert if it’s not immediately convenient
  29. Improved grow light replacement alerts
  30. Ability to track life of grow bulbs
  31. Easily see how in how many days nutrients need to be added
  32. Addition of audio “add water” alerts
  33. Addition of audio “add nutrient” alerts
  34. Ability to turn audio alerts on and off
  35. Ability to set times during which alerts can sound
  36. Garden coach tips give relevant knowledge exactly when needed
  37. Garden coach tips teach you how to be a better gardener
  38. Onboard phone contact info for help and ordering
  39. Onboard URL for detailed knowledge base, including QR code for use with smart devices
  40. Onboard URL to detailed FAQ, including QR code for use with smart devices
  41. Onboard email address for quick tips and answers to questions
  42. Garden setting screens show critical garden functions and settings, including days planted, days until nutrient added, growth mode, garden type, and if tips are available
  43. Garden settings shows any custom settings activated
  44. Garden settings show audio alert state and time
  45. Order section gives model number for MaxGrow Grow Lights, Pump, Pump filter and more for easy ordering of correct parts
  46. Order section gives web and phone contact info easy ordering of all parts
  47. Order section gives QR codes to take smart phones right to order pages

    Incredibly Easy To Use (14 Reasons)

  48. Easier assembly
  49. All new simpler quick plant guide
  50. Bowl holds 20% more water so you can be away longer without watering
  51. New light hood and grow light adjustment is easier
  52. Locking cams on new lamp arm are easier to adjust and more intuitive and understandable
  53. Improved water fill indicator
  54. Easier setting of programmable on/off times for garden lights
  55. One push Lights on/off button temporarily turns lights or off if needed
  56. When pushing lights on/off button, system tells you when lights will next turn on or off
  57. Quick Plant button for easy step by step planting
  58. Easier to set to your planting preferences
  59. Easy to read Clock
  60. Easy clock set
  61. Delivered almost fully assembled, just click and grow!

    Fully Customizable (17 Reasons)

  62. Custom settings allows advanced users complete control over all critical garden settings
  63. Custom settings allow configurations that expand the scope of what can be grown indoors
  64. Custom settings allows for adjustment of photoperiod to any plant needs
  65. Custom settings allows for adjustment of pump cycle for any plant needs
  66. Custom settings allows for adjustment of nutrient cycle for any plant needs
  67. Custom settings allows for adjustment of cycles for greater use in schools
  68. Custom settings allows for adjustment of cycles for greater user and scientific experimentation
  69. Custom settings allows for easy setting of 24 hour light period for germination and initial growth (vegetative stage)
  70. Custom settings allows for easy setting of 12 hour light period for forcing flowering of some plant species
  71. Custom Settings let’s you easily set custom hours of light
  72. Custom settings let’s you easily set custom light on/off times
  73. Custom settings let’s you easily reset factory defaults for lights
  74. “What’s This” section of custom lights, nutrients and pumps gives examples and instruction for custom settings
  75. Custom Settings let’s you easily set custom nutrient cycle from 1 to 99 days
  76. Custom settings let’s you easily reset factory defaults for nutrients
  77. Custom Settings let’s you easily set custom pump cycles, up to 9,999 minutes on/off
  78. Custom settings let’s you easily reset factory defaults for pump
  79. Custom settings allows you to reset days planted

    Easy Care & Maintenance and Longer Garden Life (19 Reasons)

  80. Brushed aluminum lamp arm for longer life
  81. Improved water port for easier access
  82. Improved water port for fewer spills
  83. Improved water fill indicator
  84. Improved planting holes get less nutrient build up
  85. Garden overall less subject to nutrient build up
  86. Far fewer parts in bowl make for easier cleaning between plantings
  87. Bowl holds 20% more water so you fill less often
  88. Easier to troubleshoot pump issues
  89. Improved pump access for serviceability and replacement
  90. Improved pump filter access for servicing and replacement
  91. Improved electrical connection to pump, removes parts that were prone to corrosion and bending
  92. Elimination of maintenance and cleaning caused by corroded contacts
  93. Easy to power down pump if needed while garden is running
  94. Clock keeps running in brown out
  95. Power out holds garden settings
  96. Easy to restart after power outage
  97. Easy to restart between plantings
  98. Step by step grow light replacement instructions on screen
  99. Order info from Grow bulb replacement alert

    State of the Art Style and Function (8 Reasons)

  100. Elegant, state of the art styling
  101. Beautiful Chrome accents throughout the garden
  102. Goes from “small to tall” for a full range of growing
  103. Brushed aluminum lamp arm
  104. Brushed aluminum lamp hood interior for better heat dissipation
  105. Pods fit in all grow holes in grow deck without bending
  106. Easy off grow deck handles
  107. Multi-function inlet port for airstones, etc.