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Incredible Edibles Seed Pod Kit (7-Pod)

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Quick Overview:

Bring the beauty and fragrance of fresh flower blossoms to any meal! (more...)



Bring the beauty and fragrance of fresh flower blossoms to any meal!

Add a sense of sophistication to every course and make everyday meals an extraordinary event with this beautiful collections of blooms. Yes, these flowers are edible! Consider mixing different petals into your recipes for a unique flavor elevation. The Incredible Edibles Seed Pod Kit includes bright Calendulas, lavender and purple Snapdragons, intricate Dianthus, and Marigolds. Works in all AeroGardens.

Planting with Seed Pods is fun and easy! Just insert the pre-seeded pods in your garden, add water and the patented, specially formulated Liquid Nutrients. Most plants germinate within 7-14 days, are ready for harvesting in 4-6 weeks, and will keep producing continuous harvests for up to 6 months and longer. Indoor gardening can’t get any simpler!


Overview and Benefits:

  • We only select seeds that are tested for maximum growth, color, and yield 
  • Non-GMO. No herbicides. No pesticides. 
  • 100 Percent Germination Guarantee - if a Seed Pod doesn't germinate, we'll replace it for free 
  • Our pre-seeded pods are made from pure Canadian Sphagnum Peat and provide soil-free, no-mess, indoor growing all year round 


Seed Pod Kit includes:

  • The Incredible Edibles 7-Pod Seed Kit includes 7 pre-seeded pods, featuring: Calendulas (2), Pink Snapdragon (1), Purple Snapdragon (1), Dianthus (1), and Marigolds (2) 
  • Our patented, specially formulated Liquid Nutrients (plant food)
  • Grow Domes for optimal germination
  • Growing Guide insert with step by step instructions


Every seed variety we offer is specially selected after lengthy trials and are proven to offer the highest quality yields and the maximum color and beauty for your indoor garden.

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Customer Reviews

Review by Lisa
I have to say, I like the thought of edible flowers. It seems so, I don't know fancy I guess. I originally got this kit because I'm a full time cook at a small, family owned restaurant. I thought it would be sweet to put on our customers plates. I ate them myself. lol They came up wonderfully. I need to plan ahead better for grow time. I ended up moving the marigolds outside. They are so pretty. And yes, they do have the marigold scent, that's what is awesome! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Randy
I had to laugh at the reivew that stated that the Marigolds smelling bad.
Not true. This seed kit is wonderful, and Marigolds smell like Marigolds. Which isn't's just distinctive.
Don't let the "stinky flower" review keep you from ordering this kit. All the pods grew well and the Marigolds were beautiful. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Laurel
The flowers grew really well... despite 1 pod never sprouting. However, the marigolds stink something awful! Probably not the best flower to have inside the house. I've decided to start over with something that will smell better! (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Marigolds smell like, well, like Marigolds. It is a very distinct scent, the same scent you get from Marigolds that grow outdoors. If you are looking for something mainly for scent you might want to try our new Spring Flowers kit which consists of very fragrant Stock flowers, or our Lots of Lavender kit for a classic lavender scent. Also, remember that you can always call customer service for a replacement pod when seeds don't sprout. Thanks for posting!

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