AeroGarden Grow Bowl and Strawberries Hydroponic System
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AeroGarden Grow Bowl and Strawberry Kit

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Quick Overview:

The AeroGarden Grow Bowl and Strawberry Kit will ship the week of December 12th.

The AeroGarden Grow Bowl creates an advanced hydroponic system that allows easy transplant of live plants and root stock into your AeroGarden ULTRA, ULTRA LED, or Bounty. (more...)


The AeroGarden Grow Bowl is a growing technology that dramatically expands the types of plants that can be grown in your AeroGarden ULTRA, ULTRA LED, or Bounty model gardens. The Grow Bowl creates an advanced hydroponic system that allows easy transplant of live plants and root stock into your AeroGarden ULTRA, ULTRA LED, or Bounty.

Plants thrive under the AeroGarden's high powered Grow Lights and extendable lamp arm, with the same automatic watering, easy-feeding and on-board controls that make AeroGardens so easy.

Please Note: Strawberry plants are a seasonal item and are typically available from October through June. Strawberry plants are shipped live and must be planted within a few days of arrival. Please plan your purchase accordingly.


  • Complete bundle comes with Chunk Coco Grow Media, Grow Bowl, strawberry crowns, detailed instructions
  • Easy-to-set up, easy to plant in minutes, no tools needed
  • Grows strawberries, orchids, bonsai, dwarf fruit trees, miniature roses and much, much more
  • Fits easily in ULTRA, ULTRA LED, and Bounty AeroGardens
  • Fun and interesting way to expand the possibilities in your AeroGarden
  • Works with variety of media – coconut fiber, aquarium gravel, hydroton, and more


  • GrowBowl and parts for easy assembly
  • Chunk Coco Grow Media
  • Detailed instructions for Strawberries and suggestions for other types of plants
  • One season AeroGarden Liquid Nutrients
  • 10 live strawberry crowns ready for immediate planting

Works in ULTRA, ULTRA LED, and Bounty AeroGardens. Requires one of these AeroGardens (not included). DOES NOT WORK in Bounty Elite AeroGardens. Please find the Bounty Elite Grow Bowl here.

Customer Reviews

Review by Sarina
I received my strawberry kit (bowl, grow media, and strawberry crowns) a couple of days ago. The kit did not come with ANY instructions (which is why I am only giving 4 stars) and as simple as it seemed it should be, the instructions I found online saved me from making several mistakes I would have made had I just guessed how to set it up without these instructions (found here: I would have never soaked the coco chunks first, used the flower setting AND changed the pump setting (custom settings). I think if more people knew how to properly set up the bowl and the grow settings they might have more success.
I have followed the instructions and my little strawberry crowns look beautiful. It was like they came back from the dead in only two days. (I took a picture, but apparently I can't upload it here). I only planted 7 crowns and will have to get rid of one soon (even though they are all healthy and beautiful) per the instructions which say 'no more than 6 plants should be grown to ensure room to grow'.
On another note, I had way more Chunk Coco Fiber than I needed. I have 3/4 of a bag left - but then again this may be because I searched for instructions online on HOW to prepare and use the grow media (come on Aerogarden, you need to include these instructions!!!)
So far I am very happy (and I will probably buy more)! I will update this review in the future once I have strawberries.
(Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
We apologize that the instructions were not included as they should have been. We're glad that you found them online. Here is the link to the most updated Grow Bowl instructions:
Review by melanie
I received the strawberry kit for my ultra LED aerogarden on Christmas. the plants are growing wonderfully, and I had my first flower within a week. two of the 6 plants are not growing as fast as the others. I also have the light reflecting foil thingie around my areogarden. I have my kids, ages 4 and 6 do the pollinating, and they are completely enthralled with watching the plants and berries grow.

The reason why I'm only rating 3 stars is because the berries are SO TINY, the biggest one was the size of a grape, and most of them are the size of a blueberry. On about 3 of my plants, there are around 6-8 strawberries, and on the other 3 plants that aren't doing as well, theres 2 growing on each, and the berries are tiny and shrivled.

Also, I have to water VERY often, every couple days.

So, as an educational tool, the strawberries are fun to grow. but the berries produced are few and subpar. I had grown the herb kit before, and they did MUCH better. just like the pictures. the strawberries on the other hand do not look like the pictures at all!
(Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Thank you for posting a review on the Grow Bowl and Strawberry Kit. The strawberry variety that we provide does produce a small strawberry, but they are much sweeter and more flavorful than most anything you can buy. The first fruiting of strawberries often produces smaller berries, but they will be larger with the next harvest. Also, it sounds like they are using more water than expected. Be sure that the pump cycle is set to 2 mins ON/9999 mins OFF. This translates to just a few minutes weekly, which is ideal for the strawberries. If you have any questions about your strawberries or Grow Bowl, please call customer service at 1-800-476-9669 and one of our friendly agents will be happy to help. Thanks again.
Review by Laurie
I am very excited about my new strawberry bowl. I set it up two days ago and every plant has green leaves.
I did have an issue with my set up at first, but the customer service rep was very helpful. I realized it was just a silly user issue, but now I am off and running. Can't wait to get bigger plants and berries. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Darren
my straw berry plants have been in the aero garden for 95 days and no flowers yet. i have followed the instructions to a T and no dice (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Please call customer service @ 1-800-476-9669 and we will work with you to find out why your plants are not producing flowers. We are open M-F 7am - 6pm MT, and any of our friendly agents will be happy to help.
Review by wikay
It's Fun to watch the plants grow. In just 5 days, one flower started to bloom beautifully. Unfortunately, I had to remove the flower due to nutrient issues of the plant. All 10 plants that were planted are growing! Money well spent, I can't wait to pick these fresh strawberries! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by acastro
My kit is 39 days old. I have tens of flowers but just one berry. I have done nothing other than water and nutrients. Was there anything i should've done to have more berries? (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Be sure to pollinate the flowers. The most effective method is to use an electric toothbrush to touch all the blossoms and spread the pollen, but you can also use a cotton swab to touch each blossom. A small fan placed in front of the plants will also help to spread the pollen, which produces fruit. Customer service is available to help if needed, give us a call at 1-800-476-9669.
Review by Laura
my second batch of strawberries have done very well. I didn't want to use the old coconut fiber from the old one in case there was an issue so I used clay pebbles instead. Only been planted a couple weeks, and I have flowers appearing. This is fun
Customer service was very responsive. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Sandra
Even though my strawberry plants were delivered in the midst of an extreme cold spell- they took off growing like crazy! All 10 plants have have sprouted-- they are all so healthy, I'm sorry I have to pull 4 of them to keep from overcrowding. My first flower appeared in one week! It has now been one month, there are about a dozen tiny strawberries, and many flowers! The two bags of coconut fibers were plenty-- the key is to soak the first bag in water, then add the remaining the next day- a little at a time.
One thing to keep an eye on, is the water level-- I have to refill almost every day. The water sound is also very pleasing- just a few minutes every hour-- relaxing. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by karen
I own 3 systems I am disappointed in the strawberries failed to grow they started to grow and then all died the water instructions is not good for these the time frame recommended is not on the system not good directions for growing these sorry all of my other plants grow very well I really wanted to do the strawberries but no such luck the chips also get little flying bugs due to to much moisture however the lowest setting is 5/55 what I would like to know what to do and can you order the strawberries with out the bowl I would like to try again with better water times (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Jessica
My plants are growing every day. No fruit yet, but starting to flower.

My only complaint is the amount of coco chunks given. I had to search and search for find more to buy. It would be great if Aerogarden provided more or sold additonal bags. The size bag I ended up buying was huge, but that was the only size I could find.

Definitely enjoying the garden! (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
I wonder if maybe the Grow Bowl wasn't packed right - they come with two bags of coco that is PLENTY!
Review by ARDY
I bought 4 of these grow bowls/strawberry kits. The package arrived opened and only two bowls arrived. Aerogarden replaced and sent new strawberry plants -- the others were frozen. I set the bowls up as directed. Planted all of the strawberry plants. After all that only 7 strawberry plants grew out of 4 packets. After about two weeks, I noticed mites growing on three plants. I sprayed as directed but the plants died. Today I put everything in a garbage bag, sterilized the bowls and gave up. What a disappointment! I own 13 aerogardens and this has been the biggest disappointment of all. I am out $120 -- not to mention the dozens of gallons of distilled water I used trying to keep them alive -- that is another thing -- every two days I had to use 2 gallons of distilled water!!!! I could buy a lot of strawberries (organic) at that, for that kind of money.
Just a bad investment. Be careful and think a long time before you buy this item. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by abdullah
i ordered 2 kits, one of them is Ok but the other kit was not good at all .. i mean the strawberry crowns, so i end up having only 6 plants ok out of the whole 2 kits, I plant the 6 crowns and its growing like a charm but i called the aerogarden costumer support and informed them about the issue and i have pointed that the shipping took so long to reach me with a life plant, so they have shipped 10 crowns now on the way via a faster shipping method....

thannks aerogarden for the nice good support. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Rose
So far, no luck with the plants growing and I have a lot of green mildew on the wood chips (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Strawberry crowns are very perishable - that's why we ship them with a guarantee! If they don't grow, we replace them.
Green mildew (algae) is a sign that the wood chips are wet; we recommend mounding the chips up toward the middle of the bowl so that the top will stay dry.
Review by Laura
I have had these planted a few weeks, and I'm not showing any green on the plants (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
The strawberry plants are warrantied to grow. Call us if they don't!
Review by Marius
Def. a fun investment for the price

* Comes with easy to setup new grow bowl including the coconut fibres, strawberry roots and instructions
* Seem to be flourishing so far (no fruit yet but growing really nice)
* Pretty ingenious way of irrigating the roots without drowning them

* Requires the higher end models to fit in
* The 'add water' message comes in really fast compared to other growing mediums since the grow bowl takes up most of the room of where the water would normally be

My main concern with it is what to do if you're going on vacation. The new blue water bottle they sell won't work (I believe) to keep the water level high and I have to add water almost every 2 days because of how quickly it evaporates from the roots

Otherwise totally worth it! (Posted over a month ago)

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