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AeroGarden ULTRA LED

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Quick Overview:

The AeroGarden ULTRA LED will be in stock the week of April 28th. Place your order now and your garden will ship immediately upon arrival.
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The AeroGarden ULTRA LED delivers faster growth and bigger harvests but uses just 30 watts of power. (more...)
AeroGarden ULTRA LED   +$349.95
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Description: The AeroGarden ULTRA LED delivers faster growth and bigger harvests but uses just 30 watts of power.  In side by side tests, the LED lights delivered more than 75% more basil than our next best lighting system – a truly stunning difference! NASA-Proven LEDs provide concentrated light for plants, with daylight white LEDs for fast growth, blue LEDs for bigger yields and red LEDs for more flowers.

Benefits of the AeroGarden ULTRA LED:
  • LED lights use 65% less power than the AeroGarden ULTRA, yet deliver up to 75% more growth!
  • 3 - 5 year LED life saves hundreds of dollars in energy and Grow Light replacement costs
  • My Garden™ Control Panel makes setup easy with push button "Quick Start" that quickly optimizes all garden settings
  • Fully automated garden with "Garden Coach" walks gardeners through every step, from set up to harvest!
  • Full 24 inch growing area for extra tall plants
  • Real stainless steel trim, sleek design and beautiful soft lighting
  • Fully customizable garden gives expert minute by minute control of all critical garden functions
  • Adjustable trellis
  • Grow Bowl, AeroVoir and Seed Starting System compatible

17.25" W x 11.25" D x 15 - 34" H (lamp arm adjustable)

Customer Reviews

Review by Ronald
I don't see any way of editing my review, so I'm adding this comment. Since I'm still in germination mode, the pump only runs once every 12 hour. Well, it just kicked on, and in the short time it has been running, I've watched the time increase by 5 minutes. I don't know how much time it will gain before the pump turns off again, but once it turns off again, I'm betting that the time increase will stop until the pump turns back on in 12 hours. There is definitely a correlation between the pump being on, and the time increase. This is likely why I'm not seeing as dramatic of a time increase as other users are... mine is still in germination mode, so the pump does not run as often, or for as long. This is also why the work around that customer service has posted here helps a little - keeps the pump from running as much, therefore keeping the time increase down. As I write this, the pump is still running. I think in germination mode, it runs for 1 hour out of 12 hours. Hate to see how much time it will gain after the hour is over. It is gaining time as I watch! (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Yes, the clock only gains time when the pump is running, although the pump is not the source of the problem; we are testing a couple of "fixes" for the2% of LED ULTRAS manifesting a time gain. In the meantime, the clock will gain less time if the pump cycle is manually set for 2 minutes on, 58 minutes off.
Review by Carol
I have had the Ultra LED for a couple of months and really love it. Herbs growing well. As others with this unit, the problem is the clock gains time. You don't notice this at first as the clock gain is related to the pump cycle. So for the first month during the germination phase, when the pump cycle is brief, the time gain is hardly noticeable. However, month 2 during the high growth phase the pump is on much of the time causing the clock to gain time at a rapid rate. After about a week into the high growth phase my clock was an hour ahead and I only realized this when the lights went off an hour early and I noticed the clock had gained an hour. The company is very responsive but continues to say the engineers are working on the problem and it is unclear how many units actually have this problem and how long it will be until a resolution will be found. For now the recommended "fit" is to set the pump cycle to 2 mins. on, 58 off. This slows the amt of time gained each day but is not a true fix, it just minimizes the problem. Still I have to reset the clock each week. They have determined the problem is linked to the pump so the less time the pump is on the less time the clock gains, however, it still gains time - just not as fast. My name is on the list with others who have this problem. We remain on hold until there is a mechanical "real" fix and then it is unclear whether we will get a new part or a replacement Aerograden. So if your unit seems OK at first watch the clock to see if it is gaining time and report it so it can be determined how extensive the problem is which may help the company determine how to proceed with those of us with defective units. Meantime my herbs are growing fine. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Eric
I bought this version, primarily for energy-saving LED's and the easy electronic controls and set-up. My heirloom tomatoes are off to a great start in just two weeks.

HOWEVER, as mentioned in several of the other reviews, the clock is not functioning correctly. During the first few days, it was gaining a few minutes a day. On the 15th day, it speeded up a LOT. I set the clock before I left home in the morning so I knew it was correct. When I got home at 8pm, I noticed the lights were off on my Aerogrow even though they should have been on. When I checked the clock on the Aerogrow, it showed 1:15am--it had gained 5 extra hours in less than a day! I have reset it twice tonight, and it continues to gain time even more quickly. The clock has become so flakey that the lights/watering/reminders are no longer working in any meaningful way. I'm worried that the great start I got on my tomatoes will be lost, since the lights keep going off as the Aerogrow clock keeps speeding up.

I will contact Aerogrow tomorrow to see if they can help fix this clock problem. I hope they can. If not, I will have to return it, and likely lose my tomatoes. :-( (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
We are working on a permanent fix for the time gain. A short term fix, which eliminates or reduces the time gain, is to set the ULTRA to a pump cycle of 2 minutes on, 58 minutes off.
Review by Silverwings
When I visited my son-in-law last year, he had several different sizes of AeroGardens placed around the house. I was intrigued when his new Ultra LED came. My Christmas present was my very own AeroGaeden! Awesome!! I immediately put it together and placed it on a table in my den. The digital features were easy to use. You can't really mess up because you can always go back and correct it. I wrote down the date I planted two Mega Cherry Tomato pods. The "Add Water" message came on so I added water. I first noticed the lights coming on at odd times, not what I had recorded. Then I noticed the time was incorrect. Maybe I had programmed the wrong time, so I reset it. Within a couple days, again, the clock was wrong. I reset it. Two days before I was to add nutrients I noticed the display was incorrect and also clock. I didn't know what to do so I called the help line. The lady was very nice and explained there had been some problems with some of the new LED AeroGardens and that they and engineers were trying to pinpoint the problem. She told me how to reset it and when to add the nutrients. She said to keep the garden until the problem had been resolved, then I would receive a new version. In the conversation she mentioned several things the engineers were testing. One was maybe electrical interference from various appliances. My garden was plugged in the an outlet that below the house intercom. When the radio was turned on there was lots of static. So maybe the reverse was true. I moved my garden to another location at the end of the house in the sewing room. It has been 3 days and I have not set the clock, the lights come on at the appropriate time and the digital readout hasn't changed. I love my garden with my two tomato plants growing to about 2" in 2 weeks. The LED lights are bright and they use less electricity. The design is modern and sleek looking. Not disappointed. LOVE IT! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Matthew
I purchased this model about a month ago and I'm amazed at how fast the herbs are growing. The LED's provide extra bright light while using far less electricity than regular light bulbs. Set up of this model is a breeze, and the digital features make start up and harvesting as simple as could be. The clock however seems to run a little fast. After a month the clock is already ahead by an hour. (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Clock gain is an issure on a very few of the ULTRA LEDs; it is the symptom of another problem we are trying to identify, and are committed to fixing.
Review by Leigh
I was given the Ultra LED as a gift 2 weeks ago and I think I would love it, however, every day it gains 25 minutes all of a sudden and so every day I have to reset the clock. This makes me wonder if other aspects of the programming might be off as well. I think it has marvelous potential, but I am a little off put by this problem. In fact I have e mailed the company 2 times, but have received no response. (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Here is the response we posted to Leigh a few days ago:

We have heard of a few instances of this issue but are unable to recreate it in any gardens in our labs. We’re working on developing a fix for it, but that’s in the hands of the engineers. In the mean time, I’d like to reassure you that we’re going to get it fixed and we’re going to take care of you when we do. While we’re doing that, your plants will continue to grow really well. I’m going to mark your order for a call back within the next month to let you know what the next steps are, which will include getting this fixed at no cost to you.
Review by Matt
I bought 2 after i sold my other aerogarden ultras and 7s, i mostly wanted to not have to replace grow bulbs every 6 months, and the cheaper electricity cost was nice. Also they seem to be doing their job, I planted lots of slow growing herbs and herbal tea kit and in a week things are looking great, and I am shocked how fast they are growing. The LEDs are very bright so be prepared for that, also they fixed all of the Digital features on this new version that was glitched on the previous older Ultra. Overall this is excellent and I have had a few friends buy one of these as well. Thanks Aerogarden. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by AlwaysSonny
I bought this version after owning one of the older 7 pod systems. I am very, very happy with my new purchase. The digital features make planting and harvesting so simple. The whole system has been re-designed and there's not a feature I don't like. The LEDs are super bright and I look forward to not having to purchase new grow lights every few months. The brushed aluminum and black color scheme are very classy. This is by far the best AeroGarden available! (Posted over a month ago)

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