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AeroGarden Customer Service & Support

Why is my AeroGarden Classic 7 noisy?

The noise is coming either from the airstone inside the Water Bowl or from the solenoid air pump inside the Base. To determine which it is, lift the Bowl off the Base; if the AeroGarden stops making noise, then the problem is with the air stone or its connecting hose. To fix it: 

  • Remove the bowl and Grow Deck and take them to your kitchen counter (where you don't mind dripping some water).
  • Lift the Grow Deck off the Bowl and set it aside.
  • Make sure the U-shaped black plastic air hose housing is pushed all the way down on its coupling in the bottom of the bowl.
  • Carefully remove the air stone from the tube and replace the Bowl on the Base. If the noise has stopped, the problem was with the air stone and it should be replaced. (To purchase air stones, click here or call Customer Service at 800-476-9669.) You can run the AeroGarden without the air stone - just make sure that the bottom of the air hose is under the surface of the water.  


If the AeroGarden continues making the noise when the bowl is removed, then the problem is with the solenoid air pump, which is not user-serviceable. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-476-9669 and one of our agents will assist you.  





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