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AeroGarden Customer Service & Support

Bubbler/Aerator or Water Pump?

One reason that plants grow so fast in the AeroGarden is that it actively aerates the water; plant roots must get oxygen or the plants will suffocate! To create this aeration, some AeroGardens employ a water pump to circulate and aerate the water.  Other AeroGardens use a bubbler/aerator system that connects an air stone in the water bowl to an air pump in the base beneath it.

Every AeroGarden uses one or the other, but AeroGarden Classic 7s manufactured since late 2012 use the bubbler, whereas AeroGarden Classic 7s manufactured from 2006 until late 2012  used the water pump. Externally the two Gardens are identical, but, because maintenance and troubleshooting are different for these two systems, it's important to know which one your AeroGarden has.

The Bubbler:

If you look inside the water bowl with the grow deck removed, you will see a plastic air tube with a 1 1/2 inch long green cylinder at the end.  That's the airstone.



The Water Pump:

Aerogarden Classic 7s with the water pump aeration have an empty water bowl:


Instead, the water pump is inside the tower on which the grow deck rests,


rightt the bottom of the tower:



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