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AeroGarden Customer Service & Support

AeroGarden Space Saver 6 and Space Saver 6 Elite




Certifications: ETL

Original Release: 05/2008

Shipping Deminsions:

Garden Deminsions: 15.5"H x 14"W x 11"D (21"H when extended)

Weight: lbs

Power Ratings: ~42W of power. Ratings ~120VAC, 60Hz, 1.5A





Quick Start Guide

Light Cycles (Aerator runs 24 Hours)


Garden Selection

Lights On



Salad Greens






Live Plants








Newer Model Instruction



Factory Reset:


With the grow lights on:

1. Choose a plant selection other than Vegetables
2. Press and hold the Select button for about 5 seconds until the selection lights begin to circle around.
3. Release the "Select" button as soon as the lights begin circling.
4. With the lights still circling, press and release the Reset button (do not press and hold the button)
5. The plant selection will return to Tomatoes/Peppers and the Add Nutrient light will flash 3 times.

The unit is now reset and the pump will start.





Original Model Instructions

Setting The Lights:

  • To set the Lights on the Space Saver 6 Original Model, simply
    unplug the unit and then plug it back in and that will set the lights to
    start at that specific time. If it appears this is not working, then do
    the factory reset instructions.


    Factory Reset:


    Make sure the grow lights are on


    1. Press and hold down the "Lights" button
    2. The light "Add Nutrients" will blink 3 times
    3. Then the "Bulb Reminder" light will blink 3 times
    4. Both lights will begin to blink simutaneously
    5. While both lights are blinking release the "Lights" button and quickly press and release the "Reset" button  



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