AeroGarden Aerovoir Indoor Garden Water Resevoir
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The AeroVoir AeroGarden Reservoir

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Quick Overview:

The AeroVoir AeroGarden Reservoir automatically keeps your AeroGarden filled to ideal levels. (more...)

Take longer vacations without worry. Keep your garden "topped up" at all times. Water less often. The AeroVoir AeroGarden Reservoir is water without worry.

It’s already a breeze to water your AeroGarden - especially because it reminds you to. But as plants mature they use more water. The AeroVoir sits next to (or behind) your AeroGarden and automatically keeps your garden filled to ideal levels.

Use it for longer vacations without worry. Or use it because it makes watering even easier. Your plants will love the back up!


  • Adds up to 2 additional weeks to watering intervals, up to 4 weeks total!
  • Easy to use, with built-in primer pump
  • Works with any AeroGarden
  • Connects into water/air ports on the back of ULTRA/EXTRA Platform gardens
  • Water bottle tested BPA-free
  • Holds 1 gallon

Works with all AeroGarden models.

Customer Reviews

Review by Lorelle
I love this and it's working great.
On a side note, I saw a lot of stuff online about people raising it slightly for use with the aerogarden extra, but this must be outdated information. It is already the proper height for the extra and keeps it at the maximum fill level at all times. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Ellen
This is a really must have item. I have the Bounty and even though I watered it constantly the tank was always running low when the plants got big. We also travel frequently. With this - the problem is SOLVED! No more low water. I did though that I had to set it on a book to elevate it just a bit for the proper flow. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Howard
To properly work with our "Ultra LED" model, the Aerovoir Reservoir had to be elevated one full inch; otherwise, the water level was maintained much too low.and the "Add Water Now" warning appeared periodically. It works well now after supporting the unit on a 1-inch-high stack of magazines. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by MonCher
I just received the Bounty for Christmas. I also bought the strawberry bowl right away. After watching many your tube videos I knew I wanted the Voir. Set up was alright except I made the mistake of laying the tube next to the Vior momentarily while I adjusted the Bounty. Needless to say, I learned that water spills all over the floor when you do that!
I was surprised how much water the strawberry bowl sucked up the first night, I guess it was because the coir chips absorbed it all.
I highly recommend the Vior, it makes life easier. (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Hello MonCher, thanks for posting a review. The AeroVoir is great for use with the AeroGarden, but it is not recommended for use with the Grow Bowl accessory. The reason for this is as follows: As the pump activates to pull water into the Grow Bowl, the AeroVoir will automatically kick in to refill the Water Bowl. Then as the water drains from the Grow Bowl, and the AeroVoir is also filling the Water Bowl, the water level will rise above the fill line and might even spill out. Also, the Coco Grow Media for the Grow Bowl and Strawberries should not be over saturated or the Strawberry Crowns may not grow. The pump should be set to run only 2 minutes per week for strawberries. Please give customer service a call at 1-800-476-9669 if you have any questions about how the Grow Bowl and Strawberries work with your AeroGarden. Thank you.
Review by bernard
Hello!! If you are going to be away from your Aero Garden for a week at a time....??.... I suggest you invest in the AeroVoir!! Once it is properly set up you'll have no fear of your water tank running dry when those plants get tall and need water more than once or twice a week. I have my Aero Gardens set up at my <')\\\\\\>< camp and sometimes they lack attention for (2) weeks when I'm not there. This product has saved my 'Herbs' more than once. As far as AeroVoir care... when it gets a little 'green' at the base ....No Worries...! I disconnect it with the tubing and primer intact. I add (2)oz. of bleach to a full gallon of AeroVoir water jug...shake...set up undisturbed for 30 minutes on the kitchen counter with the tubing elevated so not to drain. After 30 minutes or so... or when the 'Green' is gone in the AeroVoir, lay the tubing in the sink so the AeroVoir begins to drain. After it empties, rinse, refill and install on your AeroGarden. This works for me!!!! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Josiah
I bought this for my Ultra LED. Did not work correctly at first so I added a board that was exactly a 1/2 inch thick underneath and it works perfect now. I live in a high elevation which can affect this too. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Christopher
Thanks TonyO, I was going to build my own and use a "T" but then read your post and just purchased this a few minutes ago. I have two "7" LED gardens and get tired of filling them twice a week. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by TonyO
The Aerovoir is by far the best aerogarden accessory that I could recommend. It basically uses a simple gravity fed principle so there is no way that it can ever be faulty and it will always give you consistent, and a perfect level of water for your aerogarden(s) at all times. When it is level with the aero gardens it will deliver exactly 3.4 inches of water and maintain that level. This level is perfect for my collection of aerogarden 3’s. For other units that require a higher level of water, simply set the Aerovoir on a higher platform, and it will deliver 3.4 inches of water “plus” whatever height you lift it up. In this way, you can precisely control the automated water depth. Unfortunately the aerogardn directions do not explain this simple principle in enough detail, so I suspect that is why some people have trouble with it. For example, if you place it on the floor (lower than the aerogarden), it cannot possibly siphon water any water up …. (it simple physics, folks!). Also know that the Aerovoir delivers the water in small drips so do not expect to see it immediately fill up an aerogarden that has a lower water level (it takes time, but it’s always perfectly full).

But the real beauty and cool feature is that you can use it to automatically water multiple aerogardens. I have a long shelf with multiple aerogarden 3’s all growing various flowers. I never have to worry about filling any of them with water since I hooked the Aerovoir water delivery tubing to my multiple aerogardens. I also placed individual water shut-off valves on each aerogarden to allow for ease of initial priming, and more important, to hold and maintain the water in the tubes when I remove them from the aerogarden(s) for their monthly rinsing. By simply shutting the water valves off, the water is held within the tubes by vacuum, so that I never have to re-prime, and/or lose any water out of the tubes… very nice indeed! In order to add multiple feed lines, you simply need to buy extra aquarium tubing, “Y” connect tubing joints for each aerogarden, and some shut-off valves (for each aerogarden) at any pet store that sells aquarium supplies (these items are very inexpensive). The Aerovoir comes with a special bent hard plastic tube that fits in any aerogarden to deliver the water. If you want to make a multiple number of these tubes (which is optional, since you can use flexible aquarium tubing), simply purchase these plastic tubes (you can order them off Amazon too), and heat them up in boiling water, and you can bend and cut them to whatever shape you desire.

Lastly, though the newer aerogardens all have little holes cut in the back to fit this water delivery tubing into, the older aerogardens do not have these little holes, and you are instructed to put the tubing through the water filling flap. While you can do this if you want, I think it looks much better to drill a little hole in the back area and insert your tubing through the hole such that it is hid out of sight better.

So by all means, I highly recommend the Aerovoir, especially if you have multiple aerogarden you wish to automatically water.

Hint to Aerogarden manufacturer: Perhaps in the future, Aerovoir could be sold with an optional kit, or come with the necessary items I mentioned above, such that multiple aerogardens could be used at the same time. This would only add a few cents to the current price and make it much more useful for a wider range of watering options. Perhaps a telescopic platform, that the aerogarden could sit on, to raise the level of water delivery for the various different aerogardens would also be a useful addition. Think about it guys! 

(Posted over a month ago)
Review by Robin
Initially, I had the Aerovoir attached to my salad garden, but the water had to get lower than I typically ever let it go. Then I read the other review and use it with my strawberry grow bowl. It's the perfect solution for that AeroGarden configuration. Don't worry, it won't overflow or overfill when the water floods the bowl. Every once in a while I hear the glug, glug of the bottle and I know all is well. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Ew
I have an Aerogarden Ultra.

The AEROVOIR seems to be designed to prevent an Aerogarden from running dry.

It allows the water level to get fairly low. Well below the fill line on the Ultra. Low enough that I can now hear the pump/water flow inside the unit.

I don't want to hear that pump. The garden should be SILENT. I want it to keep my garden full of water…to the fill line…and it cannot.

For travelers this is a fine tool but for the rest of us it really does not keep me from having to add water.

That's deceiving. I am disappointed. Too late to return as it takes weeks before you realize what its actually doing.

(Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
If you want the AeroVoir to fill the AeroGarden higher, elevate it - that will raise the fill level. Be careful not to raise it too high or you risk an overflow.
Review by D
We just set up the strawberry bowl about 4 days ago, and set up the 'vior' with it. We weren't sure what to expect with the different method of hydro-plants. Amazingly it's working great! The bowl uses a lot more water just by the process and this way we don't have to try and monitor the level. I would say this is a must have if you try the strawberries. Additionally we're going on a short vacation soon- and now have confidence this will take care of our plants while we're gone with no fuss.
If you have space and have more than one Aero- I would highly recommend this extra item. (Posted over a month ago)

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