Aeroponic Growing Oxygen Booster Kit For All AeroGardens
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Oxygen Booster Kit


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Plant roots love oxygen, and boosting O2 almost always results in healthier, faster growth. This kit comes with super silent pump, tubing and airstone. Works well with all AeroGardens. (more...)
Add even more "Aero" to your AeroGarden. Plant roots love oxygen, and boosting O2 almost always results in healthier, faster growth. This kit comes with super silent pump, tubing and airstone. Works well with all AeroGardens and fits into Bounty,Ultra, Extra, and Harvest ports.
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Customer Reviews

Review by Matthew
Ordered this for my AreoGarden and attempted to try the customer support but was closed. Didn't receive the full item as listed in the above picture missing the tubing and airstone. (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
We are so sorry to hear that your Oxygen Booster was missing the tubing and airstone. I do show that we got one sent out to replace the missing pieces, and we do hope that the replacement arrived and everything is working great for you. Just let us know if there is anything further we can do to help.
Review by Keisha
I just want to say thank you so much Bernard, for your very useful tips about the additional T & Y adapters, the extra tubing & aerator! The goal is to keep ALL the plants HAPPY!! I just received my first Harvest AG and I'm looking forward to growing all herbs for the very first time & purchasing this Oxy-Booster kit. I also invested in the light reflectors as well to pair well with the and additional aeration. Thanks again!! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Lorelle
The pump hole already in there is exactly the right size for the tubing that comes with it. I had no trouble getting it in there.
I can tell the plants like it because the ones closest to it are doing the best. I actually moved it over to the middle in the water so they could all benefit more. I may move it in the water from time to time, maybe at feedings, to keep them all happy. This one is quieter than many of the pet store models. My fridge is louder than my pump.
I wish they had three openings in there, one for the aerovoir in the middle-ish and one on each side for a aerating stone on each side. I hope they will in future (Posted over a month ago)
Review by DJ
Too loud for an office setting. Have to return unfortunately. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Susan
I bought one of these and out of curiosity, put the bubbling air stone on one side of my AeroGarden Bounty Elite growing cherry tomatoes. The height difference is 2+ inches on day 34 between the 2 plants in the same unit. The plant over the air stone is thriving beyond expectation. The air pump stays on 24 hours a day but I turn the dial up to maximum before I go to bed or to work. While I'm home, it's louder than I care for but I am very sensitive to sounds, on low, it's okay while I'm in the same room. I didn't expect to see this much of a difference in growth, I am pleasantly surprised and will be adding air pumps to my collection of AeroGardens with larger air stones, one on each side of the bowl. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Brian
This aerator is surprisingly silent and does a great job at oxygenating my plant sprouts, and at a reasonable price (Posted over a month ago)
Review by bernard
...Hello!!! I believe this pump is a must have and your plants will love it!! I hooked my pump up to an 'electronic timer' so it goes on at times I have chosen. I've been a Aero Gardener for over a year and been through (2) bumper crop rotations using the Aero Garden Ultra LED. The pump is a visual benefit. I saw that the root base of the Tallest and Fastest growing plants migrated toward the sand stone aerator. I went to a local Pet shop and purchased some 'T and Y' adapters and some additional silicon tubing. I installed one adapter on the air line in the water tank, a 4" piece of silicon tubing and (1) additional sand stone aerator so the water tank/plants get equal aeration at both ends of the tank with the (2) sand stone aerators. Now it appears all the roots are happy!!! It's amazing to see the amount of roots that grow in the tank over a grow period. Truly Amazing!!! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Lisa
Aerator on my aerogarden 6 died and parts no longer made for my model. For a relatively low price, my garden is back up and running. Device works well, probably better than original source or bubbles/oxygen. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Gina
It took some hard work and wriggling but I was able to fit the hose in the port hole. It is very quiet and works like a charm. Not loud like the old fish aquarium air pumps.
(Posted over a month ago)
Review by Tom
The tubing did not fit into the provided hole in my Ultra LED so I took a sturdy pair of shears and twisted them in the hole, scraping off black plastic, until it fit. A larger problem was what they don't tell you in the description: the unit must be above the water line. I understand that water can flow back into the unit if it is positioned below the water line but I had to build a shelf to make this work. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Jazz
Even though the hose doesn't fit through the port holes, the pump itself works great. What I did was punch a hole in one of the Aerogarden's hole light covers and ran the hose through it..light bulb. There is no question that your crop will grow better with the added OXG. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Kevin
Reasonable price and works like a charm. Adds that "Extra" oxygen to the water, (Posted over a month ago)

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