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Seed Pod Labels - 50 Pack

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Seed Pod Labels help keep moisture levels high while reducing light to pods. (more...)
Pod Labels - 50 Pack   +$12.95

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Seed Pod Labels help keep moisture levels high while reducing light to pods, preventing algae growth. Easy to use labels. Just write the name of the seeds or cuttings on labels and apply to AeroGarden Grow Baskets by activating the adhesive backing using a medium-heat iron. Includes 50 pod labels.

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Customer Reviews

Review by Susan
I use small bits of scotch tape to fasten these to the tops of grow pods. I don't have an algae problem, so this method seems to do the trick, and it doesn't involve heating up an iron (or anything else). Peel-and-stick might be more convenient, but at the moment I can slide a sponge easily through a label in either direction, which is also very convenient. They also can be sterilized in the same bleach solution recommended for the rest of the garden, which is important as soon as you want to replant! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Carolyn
Very nice to have and makes planting area look good as well as functional. Thanks for but.... could we make it easier to stick? Bottom of my iron now needs to be cleaned of glue. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Julie
I just use a dot of hot glue, works like a charm. The labels could be a hair smaller, though - the grow caps are forever popping off if the label is even a touch off center. Happens more with the ready-filled pods than with these, I guess I'm just a tad more careful than the assembly line. I've tried making my own, but have yet to come across a material that's as strong, flexible, & waterproof as these. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Valerie
I find these labels helpful in keeping out algae & mold, and flying insects when plants are small. I'd give a much higher rating if they were peel-and-stick as they are a real pain to apply! (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Thanks for the feedback. It's a good suggestion and will be shared with our product development team. Thanks again.
Review by Kathleen
It would be easier if you didn't need an iron but I find a travel or craft mini iron makes it less of a problem. The saving over buying the seed kits is worth the extra effort. I buy enough extra packs of the seeds that I like in the spring and use them until the next year when I can get new ones again. (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Shirley
I cannot believe that in this day and age the pod label is not a peel and stick. Really inconvenient to use a hot iron on such a small item... not impressed! (Posted over a month ago)

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